MCG was selected in 2008 from among several international and national agencies to develop a community brand designed to promote the City of Regina to Canada and the world. Over the course of the following 18 months, MCG partnered with the Regina Branding Committee, which is comprised of leaders from several of the city’s organizations, to develop the brand. City of Regina Mayor Pat Fiacco launched the community brand in February 2010.

“McKim Cringan George has been a great partner for the brand re-development,” says Nathan Morrison, Branding Manager, City of Regina. “They are closely aligned with our needs, demands and values, and they have really taken the time to get to know us and our city. The result is a brand that reflects Regina’s unique personality.”

The first stage of the re-branding process involved extensive research and collaboration with community stakeholders and residents, where feedback and public opinion were gathered in numerous sessions, interviews and surveys. More than 1,200 people in Saskatchewan, Alberta and Ontario were surveyed by telephone and focus groups were conducted with residents of Regina, Winnipeg, Windsor, Saskatoon and Calgary.

“The result is a community brand in every sense of the word,” explains Jesse Cringan, MCG Senior Account Manager. “Our research overwhelmingly revealed that people see Regina as vibrant, alive and full of endless possibility.”

To help Regina organizations promote the personality of the dynamic prairie city externally, MCG developed several creative elements. The new logo is composed of an infinity loop twisted into an “R” letterform unique to the City of Regina. Vividly coloured ‘design flourishes’ illustrate how Regina’s people are connected, united and committed to elevating the city to new heights in the drive toward future investment, growth and opportunity. And the “Infinite Horizons” positioning statement additionally positions Regina and surrounding landscape as innovative, boundless and full of potential.

The end result, says Brent Morrisseau, MCG’s Creative Director of Design, is a unified voice that describes the city as an attractive and exciting cultural and business centre.

“The design elements in this project add depth to the new look and feel of Regina,” he says.

When focus groups were shown the creative concepts there was almost unanimous agreement that the logo, visual elements and positioning statement captured Regina.

“It’s about opportunity, endless opportunity, just like our horizon,” one focus group participant in Regina said in response to being shown the R letterform.

“A flurry of activity . . . conveys that there’s a lot going on in Regina,” another participant remarked when shown the design flourishes.

Audra Lesosky, MCG Director of Strategic Services, was a key strategic driver in the development of the brand approach.

“Our research firmly established that optimism and opportunity are core attributes of the brand,” she says. “The positioning statement, Infinite Horizons, captures that, and also suggests Regina’s unique geographic positioning – a shining city rising from a level prairie landscape.”

In all, MCG developed the approach and defined its use in an extensive brand identity guide and toolkit, which have been applied in two brand launch videos. MCG also designed and coded a community hub website called