PSI Engineering provides order fulfilment equipment to companies who manage their own shipping function, and order fulfilment giants like Amazon and WalMart. Their focus is on automating the end of the order fulfilment line – where the varied processes of folding and inserting packing slips, closing and sealing packages of various shapes and sizes, and labelling those packages for shipment have traditionally been performed by manual labour.

With new corporate leadership, uncapitalized opportunities in the US market, and a niche market position in Europe, PSI is positioned for tremendous growth. But as the only supplier of their kind focused on the “last hundred feet of the order fulfilment line”, many prospective customers have assumed the packing and shipping function is too complex to automate. PSI needed to make prospects aware that they have a pain to fix, and educate them about the benefits of automating this labour-intensive function.

McKim consulted with the company’s leadership and senior sales staff to better articulate PSI’s competitive positioning and value proposition. With clearer and more compelling messaging, we professionalized PSI’s communications toolkits, including their website landing page and sales collateral. We designed a targeted awareness campaign – focused entirely online through email marketing, SEM, and LinkedIn outreach – to reach companies that ship 10,000+ packages a day, and component suppliers for order fulfilment warehouses.