Mosaic Feeding the World Awareness Campaign

The Mosaic Company is the world’s largest supplier of phosphate and potash, and supports growers around the globe. With a booming mining sector in Saskatchewan, Mosaic required a provincial campaign that would carve out a distinct position in the hearts and minds of the public, instill pride with current employees, help attract top talent and better position its activities with stakeholders.

The agency developed a variety of communications materials for a multi-phase, long-term awareness building campaign. The strategically-driven creative concept closes the loop between the work Mosaic does in Saskatchewan, and the benefits to growers and the people those growers feed around the world.

Television and PreRoll

TV commercials blended footage from Mosaic’s Saskatchewan operations with that of harvesters in Africa, India and China.






Mosaic Billboard

Digital ads

Web ads were developed for display on targeted websites.

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