Manitoba Hydro Power Smart Campaign

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Manitoba Hydro’s Power Smart program encourages homeowners to adopt energy efficient habits and technologies. Using both traditional and innovative media, Manitobans were informed that small, easy improvements save energy and money. A miniature homeowner and home illustrated this concept, demonstrating how small changes add up. Both continue to be icons of Power Smart and energy savings in the province. Several billboard applications had the miniature homeowner sharing her energy- and money-saving tips.

Building mural

Manitoba Hydro: Three Degrees Can Save



Manitoba Hydro: Shade your home

Silver boxes

Manitoba Hydro: Fix leaks, save energy

Print ads

Power Smart Information Booklet - 2 of 3


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Hydro Powersmart Web Ads


Ads directed audiences to a microsite, where they could access detailed information on programs and tips on energy efficiency. An interactive module allowed visitors to walk through a digital version of the miniature home and tour its Power Smart technologies.

Hydro Power Smart House Tour