City of Regina External Marketing Campaign

Armed with a compelling new brand developed by the agency in early 2010, the booming City of Regina wanted to attract new residents to add to the mix. We developed an external marketing campaign to position Regina as an appealing home for young Calgarian professionals and their families. The campaign showed Calgary residents that they don’t have to sacrifice professional opportunity for quality of life. In Regina, they can have it all. To build suspense and raise curiosity, the campaign was rolled out in two phases.

Teaser Campaign

Outdoor boards and transit interiors

One crisp November morning, Calgarians woke to a city splashed with vibrant billboards and transit ads. The teaser ads contrasted the drawbacks of living in a crowded urban centre with the luxuries many people seek in life.

Goodbye Gridlock Teaser

Goodbye Heavy Debt Teaser

Goodbye Gridlock Teaser

Goodbye Construction Slowdown Teaser

Campaign Reveal

Outdoor boards and transit interiors

After two weeks, the teaser ads were replaced by ones that revealed Regina as the mysterious Shangri-La.

Hello Regina – Goodbye Office Reveal

Hello Regina - Goodbye Heavey Debt Reveal

Hello Regina – Goodbye Gridlock Reveal

Hello Regina – Goodbye Construction Slowdown Reveal

Outdoor Reveals
Hello Regina Reveal - 1 of 3Hello Regina Reveal - 2 of 3
Hello Regina Reveal - 3 of 3
Hello Regina - Microsite Design



Immediately following the reveal of Hello Regina, a team of young Regina residents eager to promote their city hit Calgary’s busiest streets. The team dispelled myths about Regina and invited Calgarians to take a moment to enjoy themselves by offering movie and coffee gift cards.

City of Regina Street Team Shot One

City of Regina Street Team Shot Two

City of Regina Street Team Shot Three


The campaign achieved its goal of repositioning Regina as a viable option for Calgarians seeking a lifestyle change. Following the campaign a poll identified that the number of Calgarians likely to consider moving to Regina had nearly doubled and the number of Calgarians who said they had a very positive perception of Regina rose by 64 per cent.

Agency-generated national news coverage and social media buzz of Regina’s resonant story extended the campaign’s reach by 30 per cent. For more details, visit our case study in public relations.

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