The Boy Recycler Recycle Everywhere

A boy who has a successful business picking up recyclables from the cottage community of Victoria Beach, Manitoba was a natural point of inspiration for client the Canadian Beverage Container Recycling Association and its Recycle Everywhere program. Bennett, his customers, and parents were featured in Recycle Everywhere video and TV assets that include a documentary, TV spot, behind-the-scenes video, and other online engagement pieces. Together, the suite works to reinforce the recycling behaviour of a specific audience — the client’s strongest advocates. The Bennett assets are part of a range of creative pieces designed to micro-target specific Manitoba audiences based on their propensity to recycle, which includes convincing and encouraging.

In August 2017, the Bennett videos were screened at the first annual Victoria Beach Film Festival, where Bennett and the videos were received with great applause.

McKim expressly thanks Bennett, his family, his customers and neighbours for their enthusiasm and hospitality in helping us tell this amazing story!

Bennett’s Bike – Behind the Scenes

Bennett’s Bike – Full Story

Bennett’s Bike – 30 Second