We’re a full-service, independent creative advertising and branding firm that’s been using big ideas to drive our clients’ successes for more than a hundred years. Today, McKim is widely recognized as a leading advertising agency in the Canadian prairies — evidenced by an award-winning track record, including our distinction as the only Manitoba agency ever to receive a national CASSIES Award (now Effie Canada) for strategic excellence.

We offer an integrated in-house suite of services that includes data analytics, research, advertising creative and production, design, media planning and buying, digital advertising, social media marketing, public relations and issues management, and brand strategy and development.

The Trailblazer brand has changed how we think about ourselves, how we speak about ourselves, and most importantly, how we act. It’s challenged us to go beyond the expected and has made a huge contribution to our success.

John Kearsey, VP External, University of Manitoba

Brand building

Powerful branding casts your strengths in a compelling light and tells a differentiated story. We can help you find that story regardless of who you are or where you are. We run your story through our strategic and creative lens to help you create a compelling brand purpose and promise. We weave that into a contemporary narrative that reflects who your organization is today, and who you aspire to be. Then, we build powerful creative materials that evoke your story for all your audiences, using every available tactic — from media relations to digital channels — to get your message to the right target audience.

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Audience engagement

Your internal community is one of the most important audiences for your brand. At McKim, we are expert at creating effective engagement plans that rally support, create excitement and bring your entire community along in the process. Their insights help add authenticity to the stories we build for your organization. The result is a community of employees and customers who are engaged and passionate about the stories your brand is telling.

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Customer acquisition

Your customer acquisition strategy is a critical component of building your business for the long term. We are expert at repositioning our clients so they can attract the right prospects, keep them engaged throughout the acquisition journey and turn them into engaged advocates for your business. We use research and data to identify audience insights, and then use your brand to elevate your business in the choice set of your most important audiences. Storytelling is how we describe our approach to advertising — we expertly craft creative materials, woven with your unique and compelling narrative, and share them with your audiences through multiple channels and media.

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Social persuasion

Changing behaviour often goes hand-in-hand with changing minds and moulding opinion. Our work for social, political and cultural causes has helped our clients achieve results in areas from public advocacy to environmental responsibility. We take a thorough look at the goals you’re trying to reach and develop the profile of the audiences that can make that happen for you — whether that’s one individual or many. Through research, community engagement and data analysis, we develop powerful insights that guide us to the big idea that will make it happen for you.

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