In 2017, McKim’s long-standing client, the University of Manitoba expressed a desire for its brand to better reflect its achievements and global contributions, as well as to demonstrate its many commitments to inclusion, diversity, Indigenous achievement and reconciliation. Together, we embarked on a two-year journey of discovery. We travelled the country and in all, gained insight from more than 7,000 alumni, students, faculty, staff and other members of the community.

The resulting new logo is a manifestation of what we heard from this community — that maintaining symbols that are timeless and enduring, and updating the mark to better reflect the University of Manitoba today — are both meaningful. The new design was recently launched and has been received with wholehearted support from students, alumni, leadership, faculty and many other stakeholders.

Creating a mark that reflects the breadth of ideas and ideals of a complex organization such as a university requires a complete agency-client partnership. But we feel a truly powerful logo has been created, and everyone at McKim is proud to have been part of such a remarkable project.

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