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Campaign creative on trains and in stations in Calgary beckons thousands of busy commuters to suspend their disbelief for just a little while and imagine themselves in the middle of an Arctic safari in northern Manitoba.

Decals and posters of beluga whales, polar bears and northern lights, and copy such as “Next Stop FASCINATION” and “Next Stop EXHILARATION,” have been splashed across train and station walls, floors, doors and stairs as part of a Travel Manitoba ad installation.

“The point is to surround and inspire Calgarians with creative so awe-inspiring that they are temporarily transported into the magic of northern Manitoba,” says Peter George of McKim, the agency that developed the concept and creative. “Visitors to Manitoba want immersive experiences, and many Calgarians have a connection to or want to explore Manitoba, so the ‘station domination’ is an innovative way to bring these two concepts together.”

The Marlbourough and Southland LRT (Light Rail Transit) stations are wrapped in campaign creative, as are the interiors and exteriors of trains. On one weekday, Metro Calgary was wrapped in the Travel Manitoba creative and handed out to commuters.

“The summer and winter Arctic safaris in Churchill are key tourism assets for Manitoba, so we wanted this to be an opportunity to showcase those experiences,” said Colin Ferguson, President and CEO of Travel Manitoba. “The creative shows just how ‘up close and personal’ visitors can get to both beluga whales and polar bears when they visit.”

Every weekday, about 30,000 Calgarians board trains at the two stations.

The “Manitoba: Canada’s Heart Beats” campaign was launched in February. It references Manitoba’s location at the heart of Canada, and the brand promise that the province offers truly immersive, quintessentially Canadian experiences that will resonate with people on an emotional level.

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