Obviously we all have to pay our bills, but now and again we take on a project for some other reason relating to personal fulfilment. I’m guessing that the reasons for doing so will vary from person to person. But these are mine, and they reaffirm why I continue to have a passion for this business.

  1. I’m presented with the opportunity to have complete and total creative freedom. (Who wouldn’t jump at that?)
  2. The prestige of being associated with a great client. (Everyone loves to be loved.)
  3. The project speaks to me on a moral or ethical level.

I was reminded of these reasons last week when I had the pleasure of being in the audience to hear the words of Sir Bob Geldof as he accepted the St. Boniface Hospital & Research Foundation’s 2008 International Award. This award is presented every year or so to individuals who have made some extraordinary contribution to health care and/or humanity.

The thrill of the evening itself, was second only to the delight of being involved in the promotional campaign that preceded it. The concept was quick in the making, and even quicker in the approval. In a flurry of activity, we presented the layout to the client during the press conference to announce the event. The conference was well underway, and behind the curtain, our client smiled and gave our execution for the pop culture his nod of approval. Then it was promptly revealed to media and the masses all within a minute or so.

The reality is, to be involved in some small way with the amazing work that is done at St. Boniface Hospital to help benefit sick and impoverished people — and Geldof’s determination to bring it to the world’s attention — are humbling, and it reinforces my belief that we can use whatever talents or abilities we have to make a difference in the world.

Three out of three was a really good day.

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