The Canadian Beverage Container Recycling Association, the organization that facilitates Recycle Everywhere, has long been open to an array of creative ideas and fun executions, including robotic bins and recycling raccoons. This year, recycling heroes show us how to make the right recycling decisions so even more empty beverage containers are kept out of the landfill and make their way into a blue bin.


Recycle the RIGHT Stuff video spots
Recycle the RIGHT Stuff video spots

The Recycle the Right Stuff campaign features beverage containers in various superhero-like scenarios. TV, video, radio, billboards, online, mobile, social media, grocery store and movie theatre posters show beverage containers battling a landfill “villain,” and posing heroically next to a blue bin, or starring in a comic strip panel.

Will they live to fight another day? Their fate is now in Manitobans’ hands!



Glass bottle billboard execution
Aluminum can billboard execution
Juice box billboard execution
Plastic bottle billboard execution
Carton billboard execution

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Recycle the Right Stuff radio ad