One of Winnipeg’s best-known high schools, Kelvin, will celebrate its 100th anniversary at the end of May with a three-day reunion. Several people at the agency are graduates of the famous Winnipeg high school and were proud to begin work on the campaign last fall.

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To convey a collegial sense of belonging, MCG used archival photographs from decades of Kelvin High School yearbooks and developed a positioning line and strong call to action with “Get your group back together.” The design and copy was used in all reunion creative, which includes posters, banners and the event’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. We also redeveloped the reunion’s existing website to make it flow better and be more social media-friendly. All the creative elements were applied to the site’s look and feel.

We also developed social media guidelines so the Kelvin High Anniversary Committee could better reach alumni living in Winnipeg and across Canada, tap into word-of-mouth sharing and increase event registration.

We targeted the week prior to the Christmas holidays, when many family and friends are gathered in Winnipeg, to launch the refreshed Kelvin reunion website and supporting campaign. It was at this time when we issued a news release highlighting the reunion and official campaign launch to media. It garnered several earned media stories and created some early interest in the event in the community and in social media.

It is anticipated thousands of alumni will attend the weekend’s festivities. The highlight of the event will be the reunion gala dinner on Saturday, May 26. Kelvinites – and well-known radio personalities – Roger Currie and Fiona Odlum will host.