OOH: Creative that surprises and gets clients noticed.

Expedition Churchill rail car wrap for University of Manitoba. Photo by Thomas Fricke

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising is one of the best ways to create awareness for a brand or product. Whether it’s the interior of a public space or a billboard at the side of a road, done well, OOH can be extremely effective in getting attention and creating a memorable impact. But what makes OOH most effective is if it’s done in unexpected ways and in surprising places – something we know a thing or two about.

In a kind of “agency retrospective,” we compiled some of the more unusual and entertaining OOH executions we’ve done over the years. We’ve used every surface imaginable to resonate with our clients’ audiences, including planes (airports), trains, and all kinds of automobiles. And we’ve designed creative for buildings, transit shelters, elevators, entire train stations, and yes, even a zoo. Creativity and taking a new and interesting perspective is all in a day’s work for our creative department. We hope it inspires you.


Casinos of Winnipeg Pillar Wraps — Airport

Winnipeg’s new airport had just opened in 2012, and a row of blank pillars next to the arrivals area were begging for a splash of colour. We pitched the airport, and then our client, Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries, on how we could optimize this empty canvas with an on-brand creative execution that’s a match made in heaven: a stack of casino chips beckoning travellers to drop by. Since then, we’ve done several fun airport executions, including our client the University of Manitoba.


Expedition Churchill Train Car

Can you wrap a train? Sure you can! That time we designed a whole VIA Rail passenger train car (and interior) to help the University of Manitoba engage the community in Arctic climate change research.

Photo courtesy of Thomas Fricke

Travel Manitoba: Project “Station Domination”

Then there was the time when we wrapped a train and the whole interior of a station in Calgary for client Travel Manitoba to help immerse adventure-seeking Calgarians into the wonders of Churchill, Manitoba.


CBCRA – Recycle Everywhere Street Team Van

Recycle Everywhere bins are across Manitoba and during warmer months, their engaging street team is highly visible at events and festivals. This client needed a vibrant wrap for their van, which travels to the corners of the province every year.

Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries – GameSense Vehicle Wraps

Bold wraps for Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries’ fleet of vehicles works for continuity purposes and to extend campaign messaging for casinos and liquor marts.


Assiniboine Park Zoo – Journey to Churchill Transit Shelter

When the Assiniboine Park Zoo opened their dynamic and cutting edge Journey to Churchill exhibit, they needed an equally innovative way to convey the immersive experience that zoo visitors would encounter.

Casinos of Winnipeg Spirit Bus Wrap

What better way to extend campaign awareness than wrapping the bus that takes customers to and from the Casino?

CBCRA – Recycle Everywhere Bus Wrap

It’s a bus and it says, “Get on board….” LOL. Get it?

City of Winnipeg Rapid Transit Bus Wrap

McKim launched City of Winnipeg’s Rapid Transit with a forward-looking visual identity to match an information campaign.

Manitoba Hydro Spirit Bus Wrap

We found this example in the way-back machine. In 2007, McKim ‘s design team played “Property Brothers” by creating a moving Power Smart house to extend our Small Changes Add Up Power Smart campaign. This was the first time decals has been applied to a transit shelter in Winnipeg, and there was a lot of substrate exploration to get there. Now you see decalling all the time.

Manitoba Hydro Transit Shelter

This clever transit shelter was part of a campaign promoting Manitoba Hydro’s commitment to sustainable development.

University of Manitoba Shuttle Bus

The Campus Shuttle at the University of Manitoba is a great way to introduce the new brand identity and graphic system.

University of Manitoba Transit Shelter

Media research told us that high school and university students are far more likely to take the bus than the average commuter. This transit shelter on the bus route to the University of Manitoba served as a great extension of a student recruitment campaign.


Assiniboine Park Zoo – Journey to Churchill Elevator Wrap

We love wrapping interior spaces in public areas. Another extension of the Zoo’s Journey to Churchill launch campaign immersed office workers in downtown Winnipeg in the experience of coming face to face with a polar bear hunting a couple of super cute seals. Or maybe the bear wants a taste of the elevator occupants…

Assiniboine Park Zoo – Dinosaurs Alive! Entrance Decals

Our creative team came up with the idea to greet visitors as they walked up to the zoo entrance, and to create awareness and excitement for this special exhibit by wrapping the windows at the zoo entrance. Are you scared yet?

Youth For Christ Activity Centre

Wrapping the YFC activity centre at Main Street and Higgins Avenue in downtown Winnipeg was a great way to display the many activities available inside for local residents and youth.