You’re a business owner; the boss, the commander in chief, el capitan. You’ve built your vision and made your living from it. But whether you’re a real estate agent, contractor, or principal at a law firm, it seems like you never have enough of what small business owners need most: time and money. 

So far, you’ve put your efforts into improving the quality of your services and your business relationships. But it’s brought you to a bittersweet plateau. Relying on word-of-mouth marketing has brought you success, but you want more, and you’re probably uncertain about spending those precious dollars and hours to get there. You may even have gotten advice from other marketing firms to ‘just advertise on social media and Google’ – and most likely, you’ve been disappointed when the results haven’t lived up to your expectations.

But what really draws people to your business – to work with you or for you – is your story. No other competitor has it, and when it’s well-crafted, it describes not only why you do what you do, but how you help others. With the right story for your small business, what you thought of as a risk becomes a multi-faceted, consistently beneficial investment. This means more customers – or – more money in your pocket. 

It’s time for your business to climb higher and higher from the foundation your brand creates. Don’t be afraid of heights. 

The value of a brand 

Does your reputation match your business? 

Word-of-mouth makes sense to a certain extent. If you please as many people as many times a day as possible, they’re bound to spread the word. Plus, it’s free. But eventually, the mouths will stop talking and you’ll find your business going stagnant. An investment in telling your story will help reflect your success accurately to more people in a bigger way, setting yourself up for longer-lasting returns. 

When people hear your story — an authentic account of who you are and how you can help them, they want to be on your side. They want to engage with you, work with you and be associated with your identity. Your customers should feel the difference you can make for them as soon as they see your communications. Enhance your look, feel and messaging, and make a compelling, timeless impression. 

You’ve earned it. Now take advantage of it. 

A targeted approach means reaching the right people

Advertising has changed immensely since the days of good ‘ol Don Draper and the bottle of rye his ideas crawled out of. Today, there’s more of a science beyond our process. Our creative work still hinges on making genuine human connections with audiences, only these days we use data and analytics to present our work to people who will actually listen to it and act on it. Trust me, not all robots are bad.  

If you’re worried about wasting money in sending your story into the stratosphere, with no return, we have science to back up our cause. Everything is trackable now, from clicks to impressions to website visits, and more. Combined with a message that hits home, an expertly-crafted, targeted approach is less of a risk and more of an introduction to new customers. This means your business is seen and heard by people who actually have the desire to use you. This is the new sales funnel. It’s the safety-net you’re looking for.

Let your voice be heard. We’ll make sure the right people are listening. 

You don’t have to stray from your budget to stand out from your competition

Although McKim has built our reputation on more large-scale campaign and brand work, we’ve recently focused our expertise on helping small businesses. We provide communications toolkits that align with our clients’ objectives and their audience. From targeted advertising, to website landing pages, to sales collateral, we’ve helped our clients succeed because no matter how big the project is, we’re still driven by one notion: telling your story the right way to the right audience. Here’s proof.

Creating new success with strong communications.

We positioned Lawton Partners to reach the high-net-worth clients they seek. The look, feel and messaging of the creative works to captivate prospective clients, and allows them to see themselves on the pedestal they worked hard to get to.

It takes a new strategy to reach new people. But that’s easier said than done. That’s where we come in. 

Lawton Partners branding campaign

Click on the image above to learn more about our work with Lawton Partners.

Opening new doors with a targeted approach.

PSI Engineering provides order-fulfilment equipment to companies who manage distribution centres and warehouses. They offer an extremely niche service and approached us to reach a very narrow audience. We placed ads on LinkedIn to a targeted list of recipients — industry association members and tradeshow contacts. We reached them as they scrolled through LinkedIn, thinking about their respective businesses, and showed them the difference PSI can make for them. A benefit-driven strategy, elevated by the science of analytics.

Click the image above to learn more about our work with PSI Engineering.

Establishing new confidence with a powerful identity.

Our work for the United Workforce Group uplifted the entire organization, internally and externally. With a new name and visual identity, we created communications that inspired both employees and customers. With it, they can approach any boardroom, worksite or interview with a firm understanding of who they are, and every strength they offer. And more importantly, the people they’re communicating with will catch on to that instantly. This isn’t accomplished from word of mouth or a sporadic social media post. It’s the difference an expert’s opinion can make. 

Click the image above to learn more about our work with United Workforce Group.

Your story is what sets you apart. We can help it get you ahead. 

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