With the pace at which things are moving with COVID-19, companies are unsure how their brands can transition through these uncertain times. Here are some strategies that might help. Consider them flexible guidelines that can change at any moment. Because they will. Check back next Monday for more. 

  1. Don’t market as if it’s business as usual. This seems obvious, but why am I seeing paid social posts for luxury goods when I searched for toilet paper. You can easily change this. Get on it.
  2. Adjust your creative mix to show empathy for your audience. Integrate messages about their situation that starts a conversation. Don’t just tell them what you want them to buy.
  3. If your brand needs to self-isolate, take time to step back and evaluate where you want to be when this all ends. Invest in high-level, high-value strategy.
  4. Put profit on the backburner for now. You’ll be thankful you did. Try to be helpful. Extend terms, be gracious, accommodate wherever you can.
  5. Don’t take your phone into the bathroom. Apparently, that’s a thing.

This is a tough time for all of us. We need to be helpful to each other. We’re here if you need us. 

PG peterg@mckimcg.ca