Last Friday, May 1st, 2020. I was asked to asked to host a webinar based on some of the content McKim has been sharing in the last six weeks. Preparing the presentation was an interesting exercise in analysis of how marketers and agencies were responding to the pandemic. Like you, I’ve never had the opportunity to witness how people respond to a pandemic other than in movies. Personally, I feel that my own response was nowhere near as heroic as Kate Winslet’s but it was certainly better than Jude Law’s. Enough about me.

Interestingly, you can pretty much track the progress of fear and anxiety by the kinds of ads that have been sent into the market week by week. By week. And there’s a clear common theme among the brands that were able to pivot quickly, effectively and be bang-on relevant for their customers. For those brands, it wasn’t about selling. It was about something else.

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Brands that did it right in the pandemic.

The ideas I put forward in this webinar are at the core of our business. If you’re interested in those ideas, fill out the form below. I’ll reach out personally and start the conversation.

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