What happens when you invite people who live in downtown Winnipeg to weigh in about what it’s like to live, work, learn, play and invest in the area? You have to book a second session.

“For the first time in the many years we’ve been facilitating stakeholder sessions, we got more participants than we could accommodate,” says Audra Lesosky, the agency’s Director of Strategic Services, who led the groundwork and research that informed the creative platform for a new campaign for CentreVenture Development Corporation. “These residents are more than keen to celebrate their neighbourhood.”

The campaign promotes that vibrant life from the perspective of those who live and love it. Billboards, online and mobile ads, print ads and a campaign microsite at timetolivehere.ca can be seen across Winnipeg. The Time To Live Here campaign tangibly demonstrates that living in downtown Winnipeg is affordable, offers a strong sense of community, a varied and exciting lifestyle, short or no commutes, and is safe and convenient.

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