Manitoba’s pavilion at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics — named CentrePlace Manitoba — is one of those once-in-a-lifetime projects that McKim Cringan George just had to be part of. And before construction was finished in January, CentrePlace Manitoba was already getting high praise in the Olympic community. The Manitoba pavilion was awarded a VANOC Sustainability Star, which recognizes examples of innovation in sustainability that demonstrate positive and measurable social, economic and environmental impacts.

Now, with the Games underway, the pavilion that showcases Manitoba to the world is shining even brighter, earning plenty of kudos and accolades with visitors, national media and popular bloggers.

CentrePlace Manitoba is the culmination of months of collaboration between Communications Services Manitoba (CSM) and a team of partners that included architects, lighting programmers, multimedia producers, exhibit designers and McKim Cringan George.

“When we were asked to join the team the project was well underway,” says MCG account director on the project, Erik Athavale. “Some really great work had been done technically and architecturally. Our contribution was to bring it all together — to make it really tell the Manitoba story, and to give the displays a visually stunning edge.”

Crafting themes central to the pavilion’s design and the Province of Manitoba’s values gave birth to the name “CentrePlace Manitoba.” MCG integrated the thematic direction through each of the pavilion’s creative elements, as the agency took lead creative responsibility for the visual identity, interior exhibit murals, an exterior light projection, showcase video treatment, interactive touch screen kiosks and a variety of other collateral. MCG also developed an online version of the pavilion experience at and a virtual tour.

“This was a fantastic opportunity for MCG and our team really rose to the occasion with some outstanding work,” says MCG Director of Strategic Services Audra Lesosky, who provided the creative platform and steered the entire creative process. “I’m extremely proud.”

Together, CSM, MCG and partners developed one of the most original, engaging provincial pavilions at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games.


CentrePlace Manitoba Project Partners

Creative strategy, content and graphic design:

McKim Cringan George

Building designers and contractors:

Bill Williams and Associates
Cibinel Architects
Dominion Construction
Epp Siepman Engineering
Wolfrom Engineering

Exhibit designers

Eagle Vision
Frantic Films
Mid Canada Productions
Reich + Petch Design International