The transportation industry is highly commoditized, with all suppliers offering customers the service of getting products from point A to point B; and attracting drivers based on competitive compensation. But Wildwood Transport, a family owned business, considers themselves apart from the fray.

Wildwood is uniquely focused on open deck trucking – those trailers you see on highways hauling tractors, pipeline segments, or other large (usually ‘wide’) loads. As a result, their payload is exposed while in transport, requiring a higher degree of diligence, communication, and accountability. Wildwood has structured their company’s culture around those unique client needs. For customers, Wildwood’s differentiation is their obsessive commitment to details – sweating the small stuff from departure to destination, and keeping clients in the loop every mile in the journey.

For their team, Wildwood seeks drivers who care more about safe and intact product delivery, than they do delivering in the fewest hours possible. They work to earn customers’ trust by ensuring constant communications and informing them of any potential issues well before their cargo arrives at its destination, so customers can plan ahead if and as needed. And, with family roots, they treat their team like family, providing them with great home-base facilities, competitive compensation, and an all-for-one team atmosphere.

McKim elevated this differentiation in a new positioning for Wildwood Transport – expressed via a corporate tagline and updated visual identity, and applied to a variety of customer and driver recruitment materials.

Early feedback from the client indicates their leadership is confident the new positioning will be galvanizing for their team, and distinctive amongst competitors.