Two campaigns. One goal

Supporting Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries’ social responsibility commitment to provide gambling-related consumer information, the agency was engaged to develop two successive campaigns intended to help Manitobans make better decisions and keep gambling fun.

The creative approach for both employed a light tone that did not lecture but rather sought to inform by engaging, while aligning with the established GameSense brand look and feel.

Remember it’s random.

Some players mistakenly believe that if a slot machine has not paid out for a while, it becomes “due for a win”. In reality, random number generators make it impossible for anyone to know what result will happen next. A humourous approach was taken to inform players that outcomes are always random.

Simple animation paired with brilliant voice overs effectively got the point across in these 15 second digital pre-roll spots which also appeared on broadcast television.

Radio was used to tell a longer story and create higher impact.

Billboards and vertical posters were used to generate broad awareness of the message.

Take a Break

Because players can sometimes lose track of time or money spent, keeping the concept of “Take a Break” top of mind can help improve the gambling experience, as it helps them pause and consider. A visually compelling approach was taken in reminding gamblers to take a break while playing.

Attention getting animation encouraging balance earned views for these digital ads promoting the benefits of breaks while gambling.

High impact out of home executions included billboards and graphic panels installed on elevator doors — inside and out — at the casinos.

Digital preroll and broadcast video were used to extend the message and provide a human face for the campaign.

Campaign performance highlights

MBLL has continued to make improvements through its campaigns in increasing awareness of the GameSense Brand — from 22% in April 2018, to 31% in April 2019; this growth exceeded the 5% increase initially targeted.