Lawton Partners, a wealth management firm targeting high net worth clients, engaged McKim to develop a new expression for their long-established brand. Lawton had previously made little to no dedicated investment in positioning the firm, instead relying on the individual reputation of its lead advisors to attract clients to their respective portfolios. With a number of these advisors reaching retirement age, the firm had a desire to plan for succession by restructuring their portfolio management to a more team-based approach. They needed positioning that allowed the brand to better represent the future state of the firm and more deeply communicate the image they had been cultivating.

Lawton had always seen itself as a destination for those who have achieved an impressive level of success. And based on data regarding existing clients and the types of investors who best fit the firm’s target, we knew their brand had to capture the driven and dedicated traits both the firm and potential clients possessed. McKim developed the brand idea, “You belong in the company of leaders”, as a means of expressing Lawton’s value proposition to its target: successful entrepreneurs, owners, and senior level professionals.

A print campaign was developed for sponsorship advertising, directing to a redesigned site (with content edited by McKim) that differentiated the firm on the basis of advisors’ expertise, experience, and appreciation for managing sophisticated financial portfolios.