The Winnipeg Free Press recently caught up with the agency’s newest member of our account services team, Adam Speirs, to discuss his transition from the world of professional golf to advertising. 

Adam professionally golfed for nine years, where he competed twice in the U.S. Open. He won the Greater Vancouver Charity Classic in 2008.

Like any self-respecting Winnipegger, Adam is a massive Jets fan. He also enjoys watching NFL games, usually accompanied by a glass of red wine or a cold beer. He recently discovered a love for gardening – must be from all that time on those greens.

His favourite golfing memory? Teeing up at the U.S. Open for the first time in 2002 and hearing the announcer say, “From Canada, Adam Speirs!”


Adam holds a business degree from Miami University in Ohio.

Adam Speirs takes his first swing at advertising in 2012 under the watchful eye of McKim founder, Anson McKim.