McKim is pleased to announce the launch of a new branch of our agency focused on branding and marketing for higher education 

Over the last couple of decades, McKim has had the opportunity to work with several universities and colleges. Our strategic, branding, creative, and stakeholder engagement expertise has helped our higher education clients find their voice and tell their story. So we thought it was about time we officially acknowledged this key area of specialization by launching a new agency banner. Say hello to ED.

We’ve worked with universities, colleges, faculties and associations across many Canadian communities. We’ve won awards in the post-secondary sector for our creative, strategies and engagement programs. And most importantly, we’ve helped schools excite and unite their students, faculty, alumni and community with their purpose and their brand. It’s been gratifying. 

The nature of our business has always been moulded by our innate desire to use our marketing skills for good. To make a difference in our community, our country and the world.

Both McKim and ED have a common thread — we excel at helping clients who need purpose-driven brand campaigns that unify and inspire diverse groups of people to act or believe in a certain way. 

There is no doubt in my mind that ED puts our collective talents and efforts to the best possible purpose — helping our clients in this sector make the biggest impact possible on the future we all face. We can’t wait to make more of a difference.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela

We couldn’t agree more, especially now with the world, and education, in transition.

Please take a moment to visit the site at You’ll see post-secondary case studies and work samples that have made an impact and celebrated the impact our clients are making.

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